TB Training Session

Training Session for Field Surveyors – 24th January 2020. #TBfreeIndia

CETI organized a training session and exams for the surveyors, to improve their skills and knowledge. The examination was conducted using smart phones. ISSW college supported the session.


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TB Awareness Activity at Anganwadi Kendra No.- 290, Bhopal. #TBfreeIndia

TB Awareness activity at Anganwadi Kendra No.- 290, Ward no.-15 J.P Nagar, Bhopal.

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Updated ACF Training For TB UNIT – 2 Area, Indore – 16th September 2013. #TBfreeIndia

Updated ACF Training was conducted by CETI and Team For TB UNIT – 2 Area, Malwa Mill, Khajrana, Azad Nagar and Moosakhedi .

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TB Training of Surveyors, Indore – 11th September 2019. #TBfreeIndia

TB Training given to Surveyors by Dr. Salil Bhargava and
Mrs. Sangeeta Pathak.

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CETI Team Conducted A TB Awareness Activity At Azad Nagar, Indore – 23rd Feb 2019. #tbfreeindia

CETI Team conducted a TB Awareness session for Anganwadi women at malwa mill Indore.



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CETI Team Conducted A Training For TU-2 Surveyors – 31st January 2019. #tbfreeindia

Dr. Salil Bhargava, Dr. Sunil Khasgiwala and Miss. Sangeeta Pathak conducted the Training for TU-2 Surveyors at CETI Office.
They Trained the Surveyors on how to protect ourself whenever we will go for any survey, how to communicate with people in the field, what is tuberculosis, its symptoms and how one can avail the free treatment of Tuberculosis.


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Camp at Aastha Vrudh Ashram Indore – 1st October 2018. #tbfreeindia

CETI and team with the support of A.P.J Abdul Kalam University organized a Health Check up camp, on the occasion of Senior Citizen Day at Aastha Vrudh Ashram.

Senior citizens were provided with Sugar and BP check up along with medicines. Patients who were symptomized with TB were directed for medical examination.



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Doctors Training Session at St. Lyosis School – 27th September 2018. #tbfreeindia

TB Training session done by Dr. Bhargava for Khajrana Doctors at St. Lyosis School, Indore.
Dr. Bhargava gave information about TB, its symptoms, treatment, and X-ray report check.



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Workshop on “Local Road Map for TB free India Conclave” – 9th – 10th June 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI conducted a two day workshop Local Road Map for TB free India Conclave” for the NGO’s. Participants from  10 cities across India attended the session and gain insight and hands on experience on how to Make their city TB free.


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TB/Survey Training Session at Khajrana Area Indore – 9th May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI and Team conducted a TB training session for Khajrana area and gave information about TB/Survey, its symptoms and its free treatment.

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