TB News_Chaitanya Lok_21 March 2016. #tbfreeindia

CETI displayed a TB Exhibition at M Y Hospital, Indore (the biggest Government hospital of Indore and Madhya Pradesh) on the occasion of world TB Week from 18th March to 24th March 2016, District TB Officer Dr VIjay Chhajlani and Superintendent of MYH Dr Ramgulam Rajdan inaugurated it.

TB News_Chaitanya Lok_21 March 2016 CETI_TB News_20 march 16 CETI TB News_Choutha sansar_20 March 2016 CETI TB News_hello hindustan_20 March 2016 CETI TB News_nav bharat_22 March 2016 CETI TB News_navbaharat_20 March 2016 CETI TB News_pipuls samachar_20 March 2016

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