CETI Health Check up camp under Mission LKDB “LAMBI KHANSI DHEEMA BUKHAR”. #tbfreeindia

CETI Health Check up camp under Mission LKDB

A health check camp is done by CETI with the help of Sunni welfare committee at Zeenat School Khajrana , this camp is specially done for the suspected pulmonary and extra pulmonary TB patients which is searched by CETI under mission LKDB,

Mission LKDB – Mission Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar is a campaign run by CETI to make Khajrana indore TB free, in this camp active case finding has done over 75000 population in 77 colonies of Khajrana, by this campaign 393 (179 Pulmonary others EPTB)symptomatic patients referred to the khajrana DMC , 41 patients is examined and 11 patients are sputum positive and DOT is started under guidance of DTO Indore . phase 1 of Khajrana case finding is done next will be stated on June 2017.

350 patients are registered and examined in the camp Dr Vijay Chhajlani with others 8 doctors was presented there,
In this camp mobile phone Gionee Mobile award of CETI TB Quiz is given to winner baby Muskan by District TB Officer and others guests.

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