World AIDS day

Camp at Kulkarni Ka Bhatta Indore on Worlds AIDS Day – 1st December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

CETI and Team with the support of Nima, Lions Club of Sampoorna, M.K International eye bank, Raj Shree Appolo, Vinayak Netralay had organized a Health check up camp on the occasion of World AIDS Day.

Sugar, ECG and BP Test were Provided in this camp to Patients along with medicines. Patients who were symptomized with TB were directed for medical examination.





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TB And AIDS Awareness Activity at Bhopal – 1st December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, CETI and Team organised TB and AIDS Awareness Activity at DIG Area Bhopal.

They gave information about TB and AIDS, its Symptoms, Causes and its free treatment.



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TB Awareness Activity At EICHER Motors Company – 1st December 2017. #Tbfreeindia

On the occasion of World’s AIDS day CETI organized a TB Awareness programme at EICHER Motors Company. With the support of Nursing college girls and Adarsh Team, information about AIDS and its symptoms were explained with the help of Nukkad Natak Play.


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