About LKDB Campaign

Plan – Active case finding – to make Indore TB free with NGO Collaboration

May 2017 to December 2017

Goal – To reach 10 Lac population for active case finding in 2017

Strategy – Use local NGOs to supplement case findings

Taget Polulation  : 1 Lac

Participating NGOs

CETI will provide following support for participating NGOs:

  • All Stationary for survey 
  • Training for NGO for survey 
  • IEC Materials: stickers and home brochures on TB education

Current Region: Khajrana / Malwa Mill Area

Time:  30-60 days

This model is being developed so that we can keep this model SUSTAINABLE AND REPLICABLE AND SCALEABLE



Population surveyed for TB symptoms – 10 Lac

Estimated symptomatic patient to be found: 2500

Estimated positive patients: 500