Meeting with Lions upcoming Governor, Bhopal, Lion Kamal Bhandari at Bhopal on 16th August 2016. #tbfreeindia

A meeting on the topic of ‘How to control TB at Bhopal’ has been done with Lion kamal Bhandari, upcoming Governor Bhopal and Lion Suyash Kulshreshth, Charter President Lions Club Bhopal ‘Sanskar’ at Bhopal on 16th August 16, CETI Program manager Sangeeta Pathak briefed them about activities of CETI and discussed with them how lions club  can support RNTCP, the government TB Control program in India  with their active participation,

Lion Bhandari appreciated the extensive and remarkable work CETI is doing as a step towards elimination of TB in India and  assured to participate in TB control activities  at Bhopal.

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