Khajrana TB Free survey (pilot) over 1000 house holds and around 5000 population. #tbfreeindia

CETI has done a pilot survey on Khajrana Indore batween 4th to 20th October, over 5000 population covered with 1002 house holds from Jalla colony and Badla Khajrana indore,

here is summarized  details of the survey

—Population screened – 5000

—House Hold screened  – 1002

—Symptoms Chest suspected cases including other cases – 67

—Cured TB patients – 6

—Existing TB Cases  – 12

  • patients lost the medicine – 7

—Symptomatic with sputum tested  – 34

—Sputum positive patients – 14

—Extra pulmonary case – 5

—Patients not ready to examined – 32

—Time allocated – 2 weeks

—Person power – 20 people

—Meeting with Doctors from Khajrana  – 56

—School Visited for creating awareness – 4

—Slum visited to aware people  – 21 times

after analysis results are:-

  • people are still not serious for their health.
  • perhaps stigma on TB  is present in society.
  • people are uneducated, most of them are alcoholic.
  • Khajrana model can be a role model to control TB deaths in society mostly in dense population, it can be  a sustainable and replicable plan to make TB free India,
  • CETI will follow same plna make 100000 population of 336 colonies of Khajrana, Indore to make TB Free.



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