CETI – Collaboration to Elimination TB from India is a community effort made up of private and public individuals and organizations  who have teamed up to eliminate TB. CETI works as a catalyst, resource, empower and align existing agencies working to reduce the burden of TB.

Each day nearly 1,000 die from tuberculosis (TB) in India, even though we have the methods for detecting, treating and stopping the spread of TB. The burden of TB is high in Madhya Pradesh. For example, in the district of Indore with a population of 3 million there are 25,000 symptomatic cases of TB of which about 4,500 cases are put on treatment. Additional cases are under treatment by private physicians.

In 2010, CETI initiated innovative projects for TB elimination. In 2013 CETI teamed together with Rotary Club of Indore to write a Global Grant for TB. In the process with recommendation from Government official new districts of Barwani, Ujjain and Dewas were added with local Rotary Clubs.

CETI is a project of Society for Advancement and Quality Improvement in Healthcare (AQIH) which is a non-profit organization.Hence forth AQIH’s TB activity will be referred to as CETI

The goal is to work of selected interventions determined by local teams using quality improvement processes which will lead to TB elimination and control.