TB Awareness – Media Engagement

TB Awareness News – 6pm – 20th November 2017. #Tbfreeindia

Increase in TB patient at Chandan Nagar area, Malwa Mill Indore.

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Newspaper Clippings : TB Awareness at EICHER Motors Pithampur -13th October 2017. #Tbfreeindia

DNA Times Newspaper: Two days TB Awareness activities organised at Pithampur.

6pm Newspaper : Two days TB Awareness campaign organised by CETI at EICHER Motors Pithampur.

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Interview with Sangeeta Pathak (CETI Project Manager) by Narayan Joshi from Digiana News – 18 September 2017. #Tbfreeindia

Narayan Joshi from Digiana News Interviewed Sangeeta Pathak (CETI Project Manager) about CETI and TB Awareness information.

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Media Engagement – Raj Express News Paper – 18th July 2017. #Tbfreeindia

CETI started Mission LKDB again in Khajrana Indore,

70 slums will be covered to search suspected TB patients by this mission

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Media Engagement – Chaitanya Lok – 18th July 2017. #Tbfreeindia


Mission LKDB – Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar Phase – 2 started in Khajrana Area Indore

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Media Engagement – DNA Times Indore. #Tbfreeindia

CETI’s Khajrana TB Free Mission – Mission LKDB phase 2, started from 17th July 2017

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Media Engagement – Dainik Dophar Indore – 4th July 2017. #Tbfreeindia

people are getting infected from TB patients in the city

stopped medicine and started taking drugs

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