Awareness in Slums

TB Awareness Activity On World Health Day At Musakhedi Chouraha – 7 April 2018. #Tbfreeindia

On the Occassion of World Health Day CETI and Team conducted a TB Awareness activity at Musakhedi Chouraha. CETI Team provided detailed information about TB and Tobacco. A quiz competition was also organised around 300 people participated in this activity, prize were distributed to winners. During this event a survey was also conducted which resulted in tracking 15 TB suspected patients.


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TB Awareness Camp at Banganga. #Tbfreeindia

TB Awareness activity is done at Vrindavan Colony Banganga with support of Nirmal Nazar Welfare Society

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Slum Visit at Azad Nagar Indore – 27th February 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team along with Dr. Manoj Jain, Dr. Anil Bhandari (Director of Sahayata) and Dr. Usha Jain visited the slums of Azad Nagar, Indore.

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Slum Visit at Aranya Area – 14th February 2018. #Tbfreeindia

Dr. Neel Gandhi visited the slums of Aranya area.


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World Cancer Day Activity at Majdur Chouraha – 4th February 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI and Team had organised an TB Awareness activity on the occasion of World Cancer Day for giving information on TB, its symptoms and its free treatment. The Team also distributed TB Helpline Card to the people of Majdur Chouraha.


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TB Survey Using Mobile App; Slum Visit at Choti Khajrani, Indore – 19th December 2017. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team conducted a pilot TB survey using new Comcare App. Team along with Dr. Manoj Jain visited Choti Khajrani Slum Area and informed about TB, its symptoms and its free treatment, 5 TB patients were traced in the process, the mobile app was very handy and easy to use and decided to use this application for the future surveys.

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TB Awareness Campaign at Jeevan Ki Phel Malwa Mill, Indore – 22 November 2017. #tbfreeindia

CETI team had a TB Awareness Campaign at Jeevan ki phel, Malwa Mill for giving all Information regarding TB, its Symptoms, and its free treatment.

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TB Awareness activity at Badi Bhamori opposite Sayaji Hotel (Indore)- 2nd October 2017. #Tbfreeindia

With the support of Lions Club of Indore, Sampoorna Diagnostic and CETI team visited Badi Bhamori slum area and  provided information on TB, its symptoms and how patients can avail free investigation and treatment.

Lions District Governor Lions Parvinder Singh Bhatiya, Club President Mrs. Jigyasa Parikh and team were also present.

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