A Run for TB was organised under TB free Indore Campaign on Sunday – 6th January 2019. #tbfreeindia.

A Run for TB was organised under TB free Indore Campaign by Federation of Family Physician Association of India, CETI , RNTCP, Indore Municipal Corporation, Soni Jain Trust, Gyanpushp at Brilliant Convention (Nakshatra)  78, Vijay Nagar Indore.

The Run started from Brilliant Convention Centre to Satya sai square and Satya sai square to Brilliant Convention, more than 150 people participated in the run to raise Awareness about TB.

Dr. Vijay Chhajlani (DTO), Dr. Manoj Jain (Co- Chair CETI), Dr. Vajpayee (President of FFPAI) Inaugurated the Event.


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TB Awareness Activity at Govt. Hindi Middle School(Kulkarni ka Bhatta) – 21st December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

CETI and Team had conducted a TB Awareness activity at Government Hindi Middle School Kulkarni ka bhatta Indore.
They educated the Students and School Staff about TB and Tobacco, What is TB ? , its Symptoms and its free treatment.

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TB Free Gujarat Campaign – 21st December 2018. #tbfreeindia

TB free Gujarat Campaign was Launched on 21st December 2018, at Vadodara Gujarat.

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Newspaper Clippings – 18th December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

6pm Newspaper

Pariwarik Dastak – Newspaper

Agniban – Newspaper

Pariwarik Dastak – Newspaper

6pm – Newspaper

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TB Free Campaign at Lucknow – 17th December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

A Meeting  with DTO Dr. B.K singh, Dr. Suryakant Tripathi (Local NGO – Dhanwantari Seva Sansthan), Dr. Umesh Tripathi (WHO consultant), Dr. Ruchi verma – (State Lead Jeet Project), Ms.Mukta sharma-(Reach Representative), Ms. Subhra Triwedi (STL), Mamta (PPN Co-ordinator), STS and STLS were present in this Meeting for TB free Lucknow Campaign.



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TB Awareness Programe at Chhipadi Village (Kheda Dist.) – 14th December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

Mr. Veer Singh Zala (CETI) conducted a TB Awareness Activity  for giving all information about TB, its symptoms, causes, precaution and it’s free treatment at Chhipadi Village (Kheda Dist.)



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TB Awareness Activity at Schools and Colleges In Mysore – 12 December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

TB Awareness Activity was held at Schools and Colleges In Mysore, Karnatak dist. For giving all information regarding TB, Its Symptoms, cases , precaution and it’s free treatment.  



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TB and HIV Awareness Program at Mysore – 12 December 2018. #tbfreeindia.

TB and HIV Awareness program at Mysore dist. In Karnataka state.

In Mysore all the block levels are under TB surveillance and IEC activities.



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