TB Free Indore – Khajrana Active Case Finding Data – 12th September to 30th October 2018. #tbfreeindia


TB Free Indore
Khajrana  ACF Data – CETI
Date: 12th September to 30th October 2018.

Total House Covered 5246
Population Screened 30247
Total Suspected Patients 470
Pulmonary Suspected 350
Extrapulmonary Suspected 74
Sample Cup Collected 0
X- Ray done 55
Positive Patients 2




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Doctors Training Session at St. Lyosis School – 27th September 2018. #tbfreeindia

TB Training session done by Dr. Bhargava for Khajrana Doctors at St. Lyosis School, Indore.
Dr. Bhargava gave information about TB, its symptoms, treatment, and X-ray report check.



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TB Free Indore : Active Case Finding Data Khajrana – 17th August – 11th Sept 2018. #tbfreeindia


Active case finding Data – Khajrana

Date – 17th August – 11th Sept 2018

Total House Covered 4191
Population Screened 24,049
Total Suspected Patients 283
Pulmonary Suspected 191
Extra pulmonary Suspected 92
Sample Cup Collected 2
X-ray Done 37
Positive Patients 3





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TB Free Indore : Active Case Finding Data Khajrana – 2nd August 18 to 16th August 18 #tbfreeindia


TB Free Indore
Active case finding Data

Date – 2nd to 16th August 18

Total Households 4925
Covered Population 23,946
Pulmonary Suspected 134
Extra Pulmonary 118
Total Sample Collected 14
X-ray Done 10



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Active Case Finding Phase – 3 Khajrana Area – 10th May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI Team Started TB Survey at Phase – 3 Khajrana area.

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TB/Survey Training Session at Khajrana Area Indore – 9th May 2018. #Tbfreeindia

CETI and Team conducted a TB training session for Khajrana area and gave information about TB/Survey, its symptoms and its free treatment.

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Media Engagement – DNA Times. #tbfreeindia

DNA Times wrote CETI will make TB free Khajrana in Indore.


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